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Coaching Structure

Holiday Tennis Camps

Holiday tennis camps runs for 15 weeks of the school holidays. Children can book for a full week or individual days. The camps are ideal for all levels of play from 4-15yrs of age.

High Performance Holiday Camps

These intensive camps are for elite players from 8-16yrs of age. They are suitable for players who are serious about taking their tennis to the next level and are willing to work hard on court.

Term-Time Courses

Coaching at the club is open to both members and non-members. Term-time group coaching runs for 3 blocks of approximately 12 weeks. Classes take place either before school, after school and at weekends.

Four Levels

Throughout the term time, the coaching is split into four levels;

  • Mini Tennis
  • Development
  • Performance
  • Elite Performance

Progression and Streaming

In order to move out of a squad and progress to the next level, you will need to demonstrate the appropriate standard through improvements in technique, tactical awareness and attitude. All groups are streamed according to current ability. All mini-tennis classes have two levels: club and performance. For example, for a mini-tennis red class there might a club class and performance class taking place at the same time with the children having being streamed according to ability. We will take into account commitment to the completion of a recommended number of matches per term with 7-18 yrs old.

Mini Tennis 3-10yrs

The club runs Red, Orange and Green Mini Tennis coaching for children age 3 upwards. At this stage of learning, the children are learning the FUNdamentals of the game. Co-ordination, agility, reactions, balance and perception are key to helping the player develop their athletic potential. Basic tactics and FUNdamental techniques are taught within the sessions. The players have the opportunity to attend up to 2 sessions per week to learn these skills. A group lesson lasts for 1 hour.

Development 10-18yrs

Once out of Mini Tennis, the player can attend Club Development squads. This gives existing players a chance to sharpen their skills on a full size court with real balls. These squads also provide a solid start to the older beginner player. More complex challenges are given to the player with co-ordination, agility, reactions, balance and perception still forming the major part of the training outside of technical and tactical learning. The players have the opportunity to attend at up to 2 sessions per week. Extra coaching takes place throughout each holiday in special tennis camps which offer a great way to have fun and improve.

Performance (includes Mini Performance) 7-18yrs

The more committed player that has the potential to achieve county standard may be invited to attend club performance squads. Training is performance orientated and themes are developed in line with National Guidelines. Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental Training are delivered throughout the squads which increase in number and intensity. A competitive programme is offered to the player to help them fulfil a set number of matches to be played per year. Individual lessons are often required to aid the technical learning. Extra coaching throughout the holidays takes place at strategic times of the year with performance camps.

Elite Performance 9-18yrs

Players of National qualifying standard are selected to train to excel. Serious commitment is required to compete at this level. Those fortunate enough to possess the skills and desire enjoy a full competitive schedule, fitness programme, technical coaching, sports science, physiotherapy, squads, individuals and tournament trips to Spain, Portugal and Florida with our top performance coaches.

Adult Coaching

Tennis England clubs have a variety of Adult Coaching Groups that take place throughout the week to cater for all levels.

Individual Lessons

Children who are members are given two individual lessons at half-price with each term-time course they attend. We want each child to supplement their group coaching with individual lessons so that they can improve more quickly and succeed at an early age.

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