1. How do I know that the Party and the coaches will be any good?
      Each party is led by one of our experience coaches. Parties with more than 10 children will have an assistant coach as well. All of our sports coaches have under gone specific in-house training for our sports parties. Moreover, they will also have spent hundreds of hours coaching with this age-range of children. They are also extremely knowledgeable and experienced coaching children sport.
    2. What do the England Sports Group Party Coaches do?
      Our Party coaching team organise everything and coach the children through a wide variety of high energy games, activities, and exciting sports surprises.
    3. What am I responsible for as a parent on the day?
      All you need to do is lay out your food and cut the cake. Leave the rest to us!
    4. How long will the party last?
      Our standard sports party in 1 ½ hours long. This involves one hour of high energy sports activities and ½ hour to sit down and enjoy the party food. However, by the most popular choice by children is our Deluxe birthday party. This involves 90 minutes of high energy sports activities and ½ hour to sit down and enjoy the party food.
    5. Is there an indoor area to set up for the party food and drinks?
      Yes, all venues have indoor areas with tables and chairs set out for you.
    6. Does the venue have an indoor sports hall in event of inclement weather?
      Most venues have indoor sports halls in the invent of rain and we will confirm this at the time of your booking.
    7. Can parents watch?
      Parents are more than welcome to watch. However, each child is different and in some cases we advise that multiple parents and friends do not remain in the same room/court/pitch during the Party activities. The presence of many adults can make some children self-conscious and therefore more reluctant to join in. If guests parents would like to watch, the last 15 minutes are the best time to do this.
    8. Can children who are not 5-12 join in?
      The England Sports Groups party activities and games are designed for 5-12 year olds and are therefore not suitable for children who aren't within this age-group.
    9. Can I ask the Party Coaching Team to stay extra time?
      Please avoid this as it is not possible on the day. The Party Sports Coaching Team are booked in advance. If you need to make a change, please call us on 0800 043 0707 and we will do our best to help.
    10. I've booked the party, what now?
      We will send out the party invitations to you right away. Then we will book your coaching team as soon as possible and confirm this in via email or phone. You will receive the contact information of your coach. Then, about three days before the party, your coach will call you personally to find out about your child and go through all the specific details.